Reservation /Cancel

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For our accommodation, a confirmed reservation and full payment is required in advance of your arrival.

After requesting a reservation with us, please check your email within a few days for confirmation and payment information. If we do not receive the payment by the due date, please be aware that we will need to cancel your reservation, as we have a limited number of condominiums available.


* Depending on the model of your mobile phone, an error may occur. In that case, please access from your computer.

*Children 6 years old and younger are not permitted to stay at Brick Hourse Furano. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Cancel Reservation




Please send the information below to, or click here – Leader name and his/her nationality
– Dates of check-in and -out

Payment can be done through PAYPAL within 10days of receiving the bill sent via e-mail.


Cancellation Policy

***Please contact us if cancelling even before the payment as we book your room(s) when the confirmation of your reservation is sent to you. The rate of cancellation is 50% if it is between 60~8days before your reservation, 80% for 7~3 days before, and full cost (100%) if it is the day before or on the day of your reservation.